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At Muscles & Meds, we are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. We are a brother and sister team that offers health, mental health, supplements, and a variety of other services to help you get the most out of your journey.

Our mission is to make it easy for you to achieve your goals. That’s why we’re proud to provide support and guidance every step of the way to ensure you get the best results. We are passionate about helping you reach your goals, and we will be with you every step of the way with a variety of services designed to meet your specific needs.

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Meet the Faltas Family

Laurel Faltas is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Mercy College of Health Sciences in 2016 and her Masters of Science in Nursing from Purdue Global University in 2019. She has worked with many diverse patient populations in a variety of hospital and outpatient settings for over twenty years. These unique experiences have given her the ability to identify patient needs and communicate effectively. She strongly believes in patient-centered care and is excited to be a part of your journey. In her free time, Laurel enjoys a road trip with quirky roadside attractions and museums, reading autobiographies, and cooking.

Ryan Faltas is an all-around fitness enthusiast! From bodybuilding to fitness modeling, he has had plenty of first-hand experience to help you succeed in reaching your goals. He has been a personal fitness coach and trainer for over six years and has been featured as a fitness model for a supplement company. In his spare time, he enjoys working out at the gym some more, cooking, and traveling.

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